Popular Photography, vol. 58, nº 3, march 1966.

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Popular Photography, vol. 58, nº 3, march 1966.
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Popular Photography PB00772
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Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
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Chicago - Estados Unidos da América
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- 176
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58 3
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28 cm x 22 cm
fotografia; equipamento fotográfico
Photography today : The Third War of horst Faas : In the trick of battle, with a survivor / by Betty C. Brown.
Photography today : The new War photographers : There´s room for you, if you can cut the mustard / by Les Barry.
Photography today : Novelist Henry Miller : `I prefer to carry the image in my mind´/ by Peter Gowland.
Photography today : Shoot low with 35 : Eye level is wherever you put your eye / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Photography today : Picture profile: The ship´s photographer : Over the bouding main with Harold Schmidt / by Gene Pyle.
Photography today : Why you should forget lens testing : - Because you couldn´t do it right anyway! / by Wallace hanson.
Photography today : Joe Weitz : Another art diretor joins the ranks.
Photography today : How to put the grand Canyon in a studio : ... and you don´t ever have to lift it / by James S. Forney.
Photography today : How to get the most out of the Ektachomes : Fist put the film in the camera... / by Norman Rothschild.
Photography today : The great stop-bath squabble : You thought it made a difference? by Wallace Hanson.
Photography today :The Hattersley Class: Photographing food : Wait, before you scramble those eggs...
Photography today : Brave souls name ´World´s Best Ptotographer`: You could, but would you talk about it?:
Photography today : How to save water in the darkroom : don´t drink any, and... / by Bill Pierce.
Equipment and materials : The camera that thinks it´s a duck : Nikonos goes where you go... glub-glub... / by Michael V. Korda.
Equipment and materials : Test Report : ultrablitz Matador 400 electronic flash, Spiralite Monopak electronic flash, page 86; Cornet 220 electronic flash, page 87; 8x10 Calumet camera, page 88; Atlas-Warner slide viewer, page 89; Two Minolta Fast-Loading Cameras - Autopak 700 and 24 Rapid, page 90; Taisei-Rokunar 95 to 205mm and 200 to 400 mm zoom lenses, page 91.
Equipment and materials : A Buyer´s Guide to Tape : Sound for shows / by Jay Arthur.
Equipment and materials : Pictures by invisible ´Light`: A new camera from Honeywell Pentax... / by Norman Rothschild.
Movies : How did they make that commercial? : Driving without visible means of support / by Harvey V. Fondiller.
Movies : Leonard lipton´s Movie Report: Good tools pay for themselves : A round-up of some that will.
Movies : Guide to the new Super 8 editors : With tips on how to select one ? by Harvey V. Fondiller.
Movies : Test reports : Eumig Viennette camera, Argus 814 camera, page 132; Keystone K-620 camera, page 132; Kodak Instamatic M50projector, page 133.
Departments : Letters to the editor : Our readers speak out.
Departments : Newsfront : Latest Report from the Photo World.
Departments : How new or improved : Color clinic / by David B. Eisendrath, Jr.
Departments : A look at some old letters : Deshin.
Departments : The posed/Unposed controversy : Downes.
Departments : Help! : Our readers want to know...
Departments : The ultimate black and white : In the darkroom / by Al Francekevich
Department : When is f/8 not f/8:? Color´s fourth dimension; Rowland´s little lenses; New darkroom Flashlight; Movies by the pound, Retailing, new style : Hanson/ Rothschild/Pierce Report
Departments : A sound photo tour : Travel / by Les Barry.
Departments : Animation and getting into the mood for pictures : Gowland.
Departments : Blue Bulbs O.K. for B&W, too : Tools & Techniques / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Product listings : Just out!
Departments : Aids to better photography : Information for the wright.
Departments : The catfish-eating society : Editorial / by John Durniak.
Departments : Good show in the Ivy League; Canada; Abstract pictures on film : Critics at large.
Departments : Popular photography´s Travel Service.
Departments : Advertisers´ index.
Deaprtments : I want to buy...