Popular Photography, vol. 59, nº 1, july 1966.

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Popular Photography, vol. 59, nº 1, july 1966.
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Popular Photography PB00763
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Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
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Chicago - Estados Unidos da América
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- 184
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- 6
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28 cm x 22 cm
fotografia; equipamento fotográfico
Photography today : The hattersley class : Transformations - are things what they seem to be?
Photography today : The hattersley class : You and ideas : Ideas from students.
Photography today : Which history of photography is best? : Newhall, Gernsheim, Pollack, or... / by David E. Halberstich.
Photography today : POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY travel report : Kentucky : Bluegrass, bourbon, and horseflesh... / by Les Barry
Photography today : Picture profile : a model´s day : Penny´s worth $50 an hour... / by Richard Busch.
Photography today : The color odds are 10 to 1 against Tom McCarthy : ...but they pay off in exciting pictures.
Photography today : They must be doing something right in Milwaukee : ...where the press photography rivals the beer in excellence / by George Allen Young.
Photography today : The day we lost $3,000 : ...on purpose, just to see if we could get it back / by Les Barry.
Equipment and materials : Which print was made in 15 seconds : ...and without a darkroom or water / by Dorothy S. Gelatt.
Equipment and materials : AG bulbs as super-cubes :...improving on an improvement / by Norman Rothschild.
Equipment and materials : Printing paper cost too must? : Here´s corner-cutting advice for darkroom buffs... / by Norman Rothschild.
Equipment and materials : Test reports : Konica auto reflex, Fast-loading half- and Full-frame SLR, Graflex XL: modular camera fits together erector-style; Braun D-45 and D-46 slide projectors : Does quartz beat tungsten?
Equipment and materials : Just out! : More products from the Cleveland show.
Movies : Gowland à go-go : Our glamour man shoots Europe´s beauties.../ by Peter Gowland.
Movies : Should you go to the Flaherty Film Seminar? : See the movies, meet their makers... / by Leonard Lipton
Movies : Film notes / by Harvey V. Fondiller.
Movies : Test reports : B&H 483 projector: 3-way brightness; G.E.´s Mardi Gras compact light.
Departments : Letters to the editor : Our readers write us...
Departments : Newsfront : Latest reports from the photo world.
Departments : Travel : San Francisco: Photographyville / by Les Barry.
Departments : In the darkroom : Planning backward / by Al Francekevich.
Departments : Color Clinic : Photographing wild flowers / by David B. Eisendrath, Jr.
Departments : Deschin : Dorothea Lange and her printer.
Departments : Gowland´s L. A. Scene : So I went up to see Mae West.
Departments : Sound for photographers : Edison´s sound predictions / bu Tony Schwartz, Testing 1-2-3... Ampex Model 1160 Record / by Herbert Fiedmanpage 34; Inside Track, page 36; Tape Tips, Just out, page 36.
Departments : Tools & Techniques : Still more automation? / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Departments : Newsfront special! : Navy plans Vietnam exhibit
Departments : Just out! : Product listings.
Departments : Photo tips : ...For more efficiency
Departments : Help! : Our readers want to know...
Departments : Hanson/ Rothschild/ Pierce: Photo Beat : Electronics full fathom five, The incredible shrinking umbrella; Goodbye gamma, Ektaflo chemicals; Flashiest spot in town; New color negative ratings.
Departments : Popular photography´s Travel Service.
Departments : Editorial : The machine gun of motion! / by John Durniak
Departments : Aids to better photography
Departments : Advertisers´ index.
Departments : I want to buy... : ...and where can I get it?