Popular Photography, vol. 59, nº 6, december 1966.

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Popular Photography, vol. 59, nº 6, december 1966.
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Popular Photography PB00768
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Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
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Chicago - Estados Unidos da América
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- 222
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59 6
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28 cm x 22 cm
fotografia; equipamento fotográfico
Photography today : The Hattersley Class : How to make a left turn off the beaten path.
Photography today : The great american wedding : World´s press was on hand August 6 when Luci Baines Wed Patrick Nugent / by John Neubauer, How´d you like life, look, and Paris match to do your wedding album? / by Betty C. Brown, page 86; The blach of the car should have read ´Just photographed´ / by Fred Ward, page 88.
Photography today : The violent, gentle world of D. D. Duncan : A life on the fronty lines of the history / by John Durniak.
Photography today : Critic´s choice: Charles Pratt : Does this picture cow you? / by David Vestual.
Photography today : Good subject, good idea : Bring something along besides your camera.
Photography today : ´...a great unknown photographer´- W. Eugene Smith : ... comes a little closer into focus / by David Vestal.
Equipment and materials : Test Report : Minolta SR-T 101: Split-field Reflex Metering 35 camera, P-R-O Three -Way electronic Flash; page 58; Miranda Cadius II Exposure Meter: Dual Angle Plus Reflex Finder, page 60; Melico Enlarging Meter: electronic Spot Proble Gauges Print Exposures, page 62.
Equipments and materials : Beseler´s motorizes marvel : Even fine focusing is automated with this enlarger / by Harvey Zucker.
Equipments and materials : Two heads are better than one... : Turn a knob for variable contrast printing / by Bernard Hoffman.
Equipment and materials : Zooms for skeptics : The case for moving in and out with ease / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Equipment and materials : ´Boldest step in metering:" Luna goes five-way modular : Snap, and the meter does a different job / by James S. Forney.
Movies : Are these films offesinve? Al Capp vs. Wellesley : Li´l Abner might have been shocked.
Movies : Single 8 grows up : Get fades amd dissolves with the Fujica Z-2 / by Murray Diutz.
Movies : Test report : Nizo S8-T 8-to-1 Power Zoom camera.
Departments : Letters to the editor : Our readers write us ...
Departments :Gowland´s L.A. Scene : A new breed of Society Photgrapher.
Departments : Newsfront : Latest Reports from the Photo World.
Departments : Color Clinic : Slide popping (Addenda) / by David B. Eisendrath, Jr.
Departments : Tools & Techniques : Bleaching and Etching Prints / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Departments : Viewpoint : Eisei does a book / by Jacob Deschin.
Departments : Hanson/ Rothschild/ Pierce : Photo beat : The lowered Cost of Bent Light, Dial-a-Blur Lens, Here´s how / by Whom, page 35; New/Old Easy Loading, Easy on the Eyes, Moonlighting with a Camera, page 36;Faster E. German Lenses, page 38; Laws are Made...., Now it´s a Tripod System, page 40; Why the lens was born, New Nikon Polaroid Land Back, Products seen at PPA Show, page 42; Solid-State Pacifier, page 74.;
Departments : New books, in grief : Instant reviews, favorable and otherwise.
Departments : In the darkroom : Two best sellers & Temperature Regulator / by Al Francekevich.
Departments : Travel : Speaking up for Pisac / by Les Barry.
Departments : Editorial - Right? Right! / by John Durniak
Departments : Popular photography´s Travel Service.
Departments : Advertisers´ index.
Departments : I want to buy ... And where can I get it?