Popular Photography, vol. 60, nº 1, january 1967.

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Popular Photography, vol. 60, nº 1, january 1967.
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Popular Photography PB00769
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Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
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Chicago - Estados Unidos da América
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- 194
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60 1
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28 cm x 22 cm
fotografia; equipamento fotográfico
Special show report Photkina 1966 : 9 days : ...when more than 1,000 cameras were shown / by Bill Pierce.
Special show report Photkina 1966 : Electronic exposure: More and better : ...and maybe one day automatic focusinf, too / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Special show report Photkina 1966 : Man ray on the future : ´The tricks of today are the truths of tomorrow´ / by Ed Hirsch & Ben Zar.
Special show report Photkina 1966 : A Pocketful of quality: The Rollei 35 : The battle against bulk gets a winner / by Norman Goldberg.
Special show report Photkina 1966 : The new SLR Alphabet: CTL, SL, TTL, FT, VX... : Reflex lovers never had it so good / by Norman Rothschild.
Special show report Photkina 1966 : And here, 007, is your camera : it even warns you when the batteries are nearly dead / by Kenneth Poli.
Special show report Photkina 1966 : Electrons: How good are theses fast little devils? : Very good, when they help solve photographic problems / by NOrman Goldberg.
Special show report Photkina 1966 : What´s new: More products at Photokina: Capsule reviews and picture of the latest models / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Special show report Photkina 1966 : The great show: What does it total up to?
Photography today : The hattersley class : The girl next door.
Photographer today : The hatersley class: Seeing the family : Pictures from students.
Photography today : ´... to see this world as it is`: How a young scholar combines teaching and picture-taking / photographs by Tom Davenport.
Photography today : Holiday lights : There´s more than one way to shoot a Christimas tree / by Norman Rothschild.
Photography today : The bechtold formula : First, take one beautiful girl... / by Kenneth Poli.
Photography today : Wingate Paine: in a class by himself : Woman, Paine is try photographer / by Charles Reynolds.
Photography today : LBJ: He´s turned the other cheel : ... and other Washington Photo Stores from our D.C. Correspondent / by John Neubawer.
Photography today : Critic´s choise: Arthur Leipzig : A remarkable child picure that just happened / by Jacob Deschin.
Photography today : A small gallery : These caught our eye this month.
Equipment and materials : E-4 May open new color era : Story behind new Ektachome Film / by James S. Forney.
Equipment and materials : MRP Camera : Iponeer or Pipe Dream? : Imagine this - up to 250 pictures on one negative!/ by Wallace Hanson.
Movies : In search of realism : Can you stage and direct cinematic truth? / Comments by John Durniak, Al Maysles, David Maysles, Barry Browm, and Charles Reynolds.
Movies : Filmotheques : Where light, as well as sound, inebriates / by Robert Christgau..
Movies : Film notes : by Harvey V. Fondiller.
Movies : `How´d you like to sell / Buy your home on TV? : Put your house on the realty channel / by John Neubawer.
Movies : Test reports : Nikon Super Zoom 8 camera: Automation Plus Information; Keystone K550 Super 8: Well-Designed Projector.
Departments : Letters to the editor : Our readers write us ...
Departments : Help! Our Readers want to know...
Departments : Newsfront : Latest Report from the Photo World.
Departments : Color clinic : Electronic flash problems exposed / by David B. Eisendrath, Jr.
Departments : Hanson/ Rothschild/ Pierce.
Departments : Just Out! : Product listings
Departments : Viewpoint : It began with photograms / by Jacob Deschin.
Departments : Travel : Camera on a cycle and a castle / by Les Barry.
Departments : Tools & Techniques : Testing films & Prints for residual hypo / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Departments : Sound for photographers : The sound of children / by Tony Schwartz, page 60; Inside track, Tape Tips, Just out, page 62.
Departments : Aids to better photography.
Departments : Editorial : Thoughts in a German Cathedral / by John Durniak.
Departments : Popular photography´s Travel Service.
Departments : Advertisers´ index.
Departments : I want to buy ... And where can I get it?