Popular Photography, vol. 60, nº 2, february 1967.

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Popular Photography, vol. 60, nº 2, february 1967.
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Popular Photography PB00770
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Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
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Chicago - Estados Unidos da América
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- 176
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60 2
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28 cm x 22 cm
fotografia; equipamento fotográfico
Photography today : The Hattersley Class : Silly questions? / Photographs by Catherine Gabrielson; pictures from students: Variations on a theme, page 57.
Photography today : Anybory with a camera can be a newsman! :.. and come up with money-making pictures / by Donald P. Blake.
Photography today : Who says you can´t intensify, bleach, tone Polaroid Land B&W prints? : It´s amazing what you can do with those 10 second pictures / by cora Wright Kennedy.
Photography today : Op goes the ease! : Fool-the-eye fashion comes to the camera... / by R. W. Parsons.
Photography today : So, rent a helicopter! : Whriling over the landscape for the really big picture / by Dorothy S. Gelatt.
Photography today : Lawrence friend´s live color : His subjects: the world and its people.
Photography today : Critic´s choise: Philippe Halsman : the two women come to life in a movinf portrait / by Chester Burger.
Equipment and materiais : Portable electronic flash bank for under $ 100 : Assemble your own umbrella bounceflash unit / by Les Barry.
Equipment and materiais : Test reports : Miranda Sensorex: Through-lens spot-metering SLR has versatile finder system, page 112; Topcon auto 100: combines interchangeable optics with through-lens automation, Praktisix II: 2 1/4 SLR competes with 35-mm models, page 113; Zeiss Ikon contaflex Siuper BC: Fully automatic lens-metering SLR, page 114; Canno´s through-lens metering SLR´s swing-up vs. Fixed-Mirror System, page 115; GAF Anscomatics 726: Easy-to-use Quality camera, page 117.
Equipment and materiais : Photokina overflow : More movie surprises / by Kenneth Poli, page 116; Excitement in the darkmoom / by Bill Pierce, page 117; more products page 118.
Travel : Popular photography Travel Report : Utah : Some thoughts on Indians, with reservations / by Les Barry.
Movies : The independent, avant-garde, underground, anti-establishment, new american cinema : ...doesn´t stop at merely dazzling the eye / by Harvey V. Fondiller.
Movies : Test reports : Bell & Howell 432 camra: power focusing, KOdak instamatic M8 Easy-to-use camera, page 72; Anscomatic S/85 Super 8 camera: Sharp lens, steady pictures, page 73.
Movies : Film notes / by Harvey V. Fondiller.
Movies : Video tape Vaudeville : Now you can play your favorites any time / by Larry Klein.
Departments : Letters to the editor : Our readers write us ...
Departments : Help! Our Readers want to know...
Departments : Newsfront : Latest Report from the Photo World.
Departments : Color clinic : Two kids of snow jobs / by David B. Eisendrath, Jr.
Departments : Viewpoint : Honestly erotic / by Jacob Deschin.
Departments : In the darkroom : The basic Stuff: Part I / by Al Francekevich.
Departments : Hanson/ Rothschild/ Pierce : Photo beat : More message than you need, Another good theory shot, 19-mm lens was here all along, page 29; Hypo for print permanence, page 30; Reflectors by de yard, A veteran returns, 108-degree lens, f/1.9 speed!, page 32; You can´t beat the system, page 34; Tank and tray cleaner, page 36; Son of Unibath, page 144; It´s super Sharp fil!, page 144.
Departments : Photo tips : ... for more efficiency.
Departments : Sound for photographers : Equipment breakthrough / by Tony Schwartz, Testing 1-2-3... Craig Model 910 Recorder, page 42; Inside Track, Tape tips, Just out, page 44.
Departments : Travel : Taking a Mmo to Nepture / by Les Barry.
Departments : Tools & Techniques : Automation vs. Reciprocity Failure / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Departments : Just Out! : Product listings
Departments : Aids to better photography.
Departments : New books, in brief : Instant reviews, favorable and otherwise.
Departments : Editorial : Choosies / by John Durniak.
Departments : Popular photography´s Travel Service.
Departments : Advertisers´ index.
Departments : I want to buy ... And where can I get it?