Popular Photography, vol. 61, nº 3, september 1967.

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Popular Photography, vol. 61, nº 3, september 1967.
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Popular Photography PB00776
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Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
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Chicago - Estados Unidos da América
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- 170
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61 3
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28 cm x 22 cm
fotografia; equipamento fotográfico
Photography today : Hattersley class : Pictures without a lens; Pictures from studentes: Black & white & gray, page 59.
Photography today : A computer is now working on a camera like this. What else is coming? A knowledgeable lookat tomorrow´s hardware / Norman Goldberg.
Photography today : Robert Huntzinger: ´Follow the fire in your gut´ : The only antacid is a job well done / by H. M. Kinzer.
Photography today : Shooting stars : prove to yourself that chickn little was wrong / by Kennerth Poli, photograpers by Robert T. Little.
Photography today : An Amish portfolio : The 19th centure is alive and well is pensilvania/ by George Harvan.
Photography today : Critics at large: shadow of light by Bill Brandt : Views from two sides of the ocean / by Norman Hall and Ralph Hattersley.
Equipment and materials : Norman Goldberg discusses important Polaroid Patent for 35-mm ´Instant`Slide camera : Tiny instant slides coming?
Equipment and materials : Battery bulletin : Late news from the sources of power / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Equipment and materials : How to get most out of a light meter : They still can´t take pictures by themselves / James S. Forney.
Equipament and materials : Turn off the dark : It´s not the darkroom anymore / by Harvey Zucker.
Equipment and materials : Shop Talk : Camera Overboard! and what to do nest / by Norman Goldberg.
Equipment and materials : Test Reports : Speed Magny 100: Polaroid Land Pix with Nikon F, Leitz Pradovit-Color: Rolls Royce of slide projectors, page 106; Sawyer-s 707Q Slide Projector: Self-focusing and C-O-O-L, page 107.
Movies : An eleventh birthday party is a : Film it and you´ll never forget it / by Don Langer.
Movies : Once-in-a-lifetime movie happening new: Agfachome Super 8 Film - How good is it? : Raibow in an oragen-and-blue box / by Wallace Hanson.
Movies - Film Notes / by Harvey V. Fondiller.
Departments : Letters to the editor : Our readers write us ...
Departments : In the darkroom : Are your standards high enough? / by Al Francekevich
Departments : Tools & Techniques : Some personal favorites / by Cora Wright Kennedy.
Departments : Newsfront : Latest reports from the photo world
Departments : Color clinic : When a meter won´t help / by David B. Eisendrath, Jr.
Departments : Viewpoint : John Szarkowski: photography as interpreter / by Jacob Deschin
Departments : Travel : Photocad pre-visited / by Les Barry
Departments : Beat & offbeat : What´s with german SLR´s, Agfachrome in 120, sheet film, You ought to know
Departments : Drukker/Hanson/Poli: photo beat : Sophisticated peer group, Automated hippopotamus counter, Tripling film speed, More color from B&W, Breakthrough?, Photo quotes, Is Kodachrome wrongheaded?, Front-cell focusing at $200, Rangefinder with a punch, Predictions, Ltd, At last, a score, Free-radical photography
Departments : Sound for photographers : Who is delinquent? / by Tony Schwartz : Testing 1-2-3...Sony-matic TC-800 tape recorder
Departments : New books, in brief : Instant reviews, favorable and otherwise
Departments : Critics at large : Photography at expo: a first look / by Beaumont Newhall
Departments : Help! : Our readers want to know...
Departments : Just out! : Product listings.
Departments : POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY´s travel service
Departments : Aids to better photography
Departments : Advertisers´ index
Departments : I want to buy... : ...and where can I get it?