Popular Photography, vol. 61, nº 4, october 1967.

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Popular Photography, vol. 61, nº 4, october 1967.
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Popular Photography PB00777
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Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
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Chicago - Estados Unidos da América
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- 184
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61 3
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28 cm x 22 cm
fotografia; equipamento fotográfico
Photography today : A short but wild story of spirit photography : Is a ghost image always a double exposure? / by Martin Gardner
Photography today : The hattersley class : Thy time is woman / Photographs by Karen Tweedy-Holmes
Photography today : David B. Eisendrath, Jr. and Charles Reynolds spend an amazing weekend with the amazing ted serios : Magician-technician probe thoughtography
Photography today : A portfolio: the quiet picture : Visual stillnesses with plenty to say
Photography today : The concerned photographer : He cares about causes - and people / by David Vestal
Photography today : Expography 67 : Too many pictures on the St. Lawrence? / by H. M. Kinzer, Photographs by John Durniak and H. M. Kinzer
Equipment and materials : House brand films are a bargain? : What does a mail-order house know about emulsions? / by Norman Rothschild
Equipment and materials : Ikophot T : An exposure meter with ´back-up´ lights / by Harvey Zucker
Equipment and materials : Expotrol: meter in-the-round : All-things-to-all-people instrument / by Bill Pierce
Movies : The moving camera : It goes up, down, and all around / by W. L. Broecker
Movies : Kodak´s first cartridge projector : Ektagraphic 8 : Fast on loading and rewind / by Norman Rothschild
Departments : Letters to the editor : Our readers write us...
Departments : Photo tips : ...For more efficiency
Departments : Help! : Our readers want to know...
Departments : Tools & Techniques : P.O.P. revisited / by Cora Wright Kennedy
Departments : Newsfront : Latest reports from the photo world
Departments : Color clinic : The high and low cost of slide duping / by David B. Eisendrath, Jr
Departments : Travel : Time to think ´winter´ / by Les Barry
Departments : Gowland´s L. A. Scene : Awesome aussies are amazing
Departments : In the darkroom : Building your own - from scratch / by Al Francekevich
Departments : Beat & offbeat : This I like - the rolleiscop projector, For improved efficiency, Scotch that rumor, Compur electronic: precision / by Norman Rothschild
Departments : Drukker/Hanson/Poli: photo beat : Dry photography keeps up with computers, How live is live?, Statistics on color sales, Pictures in 1/1,000 second, Power-packed pamphlets, To the defense of CdS, Tape cartridge carnage, Lens-metering RF 35´s next?, Four-sec monobath, Why super 8 drags its feet, Quadruple-super 8
Departments : Sound for photographers : How long will it take? / byTony Schwartz, Inside track, Tape tips
Departments : Just out! : Product listings.
Departments : Viewpoint : Allon Schoener: communication has manny voices / by Jacob Deschin
Departments : Editorial : ´Make me a cliché´/ by John Durniak
Departments : POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY´s travel service
Departments : Aids to better photography
Departments : Advertisers´ index
Departments : I want to buy... : ...and where can I get it?