Popular Photography, vol. 61, nº 6, december 1967.

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Popular Photography, vol. 61, nº 6, december 1967.
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Popular Photography PB00778
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Ziff-Davis Publishing Company
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Chicago - Estados Unidos da América
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- 200
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61 4
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28 cm x 22 cm
fotografia; equipamento fotográfico
Photography today : Hattersley class : Pictures & poetry/photographs by Lloyd K. Bentley; poems by Stephen P. Rizzo; Pictures from students: how to make a left turn off the beaten path
Photography today : Confessions of a horse trader : What would anybody give you for a picture? / by Nicholas Dean
Photography today : David in Adamsland : The famed Ansel Adams photo course in Yosemite, in its 20th year, attracts our own teacher, David Vestal
Photography today : Portraits: long, medium, close-up : It´s not far you are from the subject
Photography today : Six pros in search of a gift : Some unexpected jingle-bells / by Tom McCarthy, David B. Eisendrath, Jr., by Larry Fried, Andre Kertesz, Al Frencekevich, Harvey Zucker
Photography today : Pictures stations : A photographer creates religious art / by Dorothy Gelatt
Equipment and materials : How to get the most out of Anscochrome 500 : It´s a new way of life for color photographers / by Norman Rothschild
Equipment and materials : Shop talk : "Mousetrap" School of Engineering / by Norman Goldberg
Equipment and materials : One-man band recorder/projector : Now you can mix your own media / by Murray Duitz
Equipment and materials : 11 ideas from the CBS dream darkroom : Where they may turn out 150,000 prints a month / by Michael D. Grennan
Movies : Now! Shoot super 8 in available light! : Movies where sunlight never shines / by Wallace Hanson
Movies : A movie maker´s guide to foreign film festivals : From Cannes to Cracow, there are more than a hundred of them / by Gordon Hitchens
Movies : Mr. Pierson´s Brainstorm : Can you let a kid make a film? / by Stephen Kinzer
Movies : Film notes / by Harvey V. Fondiller
Departments : Letters to the editor : Our readers write us...
Departments : Color clinic : Season´s photographic greetings! / by David B. Eisendrath, Jr.
Departments : Newsfront : Latest reports from the photo world
Departments : Drukker/Hanson/Poli: photo beat : Pictures on the brain, Switch on planned obsolescence, The eyes don´t have it, Available (safe) light photography, Substitute for sunlight, Re: that report, Heigh-ho silver, Light less heat, Rx for lenses, More speed with polaroid film, Cloak and Daguerre, Tri-filmatic to be Quad-filmatic, Sine wave targets, Hasselblad in polaroid land, Secrete progress report, From deboost to Perilune, New reverses, Color breakthroughs, To clean a lens...
Departments : Tools & Techniques : Slide filling on B&W contacts / by Cora Wright Kennedy
Departments : Sound for photographers : Recording conferences / by Tony Schwartz
Departments : Travel : When in Rome... / by Les Barry
Departments : In the darkroom : Test strips-plain and fancy / by Al Francekevich
Departments : Help! : Our readers want to know...
Departments : Offbeat : Instamatic camera goes macro, Ektagraphic visual maker, Airequipt metal magazines, Automatic, Meter-coupled extension tubes
Departments : Gowland´s L. A. Scene : Jayne loves photographers
Departments : Viewpoint : Eliot Porter: Medication to conservation / by Jacob Deschin
Departments : Here´s how : Point/shoot tecnique / by Michael D. Grennan
Departments : Critics at large : Castro´s Cuba, Cuba´s Fidel, Reviewed by Andrew R. St. George, Croy´s creative photography / reviewed by Norman Rothschild; Forever wild: The Adirondacks / reviewed by Kenneth Poli
Departments : Aids to better photography
Departments : POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY´s travel service
Departments : Advertisers´ index
Departments : I want to buy... : ...and where can I get it?